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Through scientific ingenuity and invention, three inspiring women are setting examples for future generations.

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Monique Martin joined Dow in 1999 and took on several roles across different functions – including Operations and Supply Chain. Today she is the EMEAI Turnaround Leader. She is passionate about outsmarting unconscious biases and believes that the attributes required from a leader (e.g., collaboration, accountability) are no longer those associated with the leadership stereotypes from the past (e.g., strong, assertive, always available). 
"Building bridges among functions, businesses and teams is one of the key attributes that a future leader should have nowadays," said Monique Martin.
11 years ago, Laura Dierickx joined Dow as Run Plant Engineer. Today she is Senior Turnaround Manager at Dow Terneuzen (NL). During these years, Laura has always encouraged women at Dow to reflect the contribution they can bring to the community. In 2021 she was the Dow Ambassador on the International Women’s Day where she shared how grateful and proud she was to be part of a company that had shown flexibility during the Covid-19 pandemic. She recently led a Turnaround at Dow Terneuzen
together with a female Plant leader and EH&S Delivery Leader.
"It was the first time three women were leading a Turnaround at Dow Terneuzen. We have demonstrated we can lead by example," commented Laura Dierickx.
Laís de Oliveira, Senior Turnaround Engineer, has always been committed to increasing representation of women across Dow, and primarily in manufacturing. She joined Dow 5 years ago and has been a part of the steering team for Women's Inclusion Network (WIN) in Tarragona, Spain. She appreciates Dow’s dynamism and flexibility in encouraging employees across different departments to pursue
their career aspirations. This helps everyone at Dow develop in their areas of interest and strengths while gaining new skills.
"Dow offers trainings and mentoring programs that help the talent of tomorrow pursue their career aspirations," added Laís de Oliveira.
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