When was the last time you saw a 17-foot hearse with a 100-pound dead termite on top? We thought so.

Introducing the Sentricon system Deader Than Dead Tour — an interactive road show making its way across the country to support efforts in helping homeowners annihilate termites. Whether you see us on the road, in your town or simply as a huge dead termite shadow on the horizon, you can rest assured the No. 1 brand in termite protection is on a mission to put termites in their place and keep them there.

We showed up, and so did you.

We heard how cool it was to take a selfie with a 7-foot dead termite. Check out what else we heard.

Termite 101 (pay attention — we may quiz you when we get there.)

The more you know about these devastating eating machines, the more you’ll want to flag down our Coroner’s Caddy to come over to your house.

The science behind how we got so far ahead.

Termite Obituaries. The thickest section of The Termite Times.

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