With 10 locations across the globe, Pack Studios spaces are tailor-made for the design, development, testing and production of new packaging solutions. We gather global technical and market expertise from across the value chain and provide state-of-the-art facilities to help you reach your packaging goals. 

We collaborate to accelerate your innovation process.

Our centers offer expert support and technical capabilities around the globe, providing the people and facilities you need to accelerate your innovation process. 
1. Tarragona, Spain
Our newest location, Pack Studios Tarragona will be launched in October 2020. It is equipped with state-of-the-art film production and testing capabilities for primary and secondary packaging applications in food and industrial packaging, health and hygiene products, while serving global label customers with innovative adhesives solutions. Pack Studios Live! broadcasting allows for remote customer trials.
2. Freeport, U.S.
Established in 2012, Freeport is one of the largest Pack Studios and hosts a vast array of capabilities. The center not only facilitates a great amount of on-site production but has strong links to nearby partners and collaborators.
3. Ringwood, U.S.
Established in 2016, Pack Studios Ringwood specializes in packaging lamination trials, including an industry-scale Nordmeccanica Super Combi 3000.
4. São Paulo, Brazil
Opened in 2015, Pack Studios São Paulo serves the Brazilian industry with broad fabrication, converting and testing capabilities, including Pack Studios Academies and Pack Studios Live! broadcasting for remote customer trials.
5. Bahía Blanca, Argentina
Our Argentinian Pack Studios is located in a strategic position to serve the packaging markets in the Southern countries of the continent.The center has full characterization and testing capabilities and is also hosting Pack Studios Academies, including PE school.
6. Horgen, Switzerland
Centrally located in Europe, Pack Studios Horgen was established in 2013. The center offers a broad array of packaging, converting, extrusion coating, cosmetics, health and hygiene as well as compounding equipment and works closely together with Pack Studios Tarragona and Mozzate for sustainable packaging innovation.
7. Mozzate, Italy
Established in 2015 and situated in Northern Italy near Milan, Pack Studios Mozzate specializes in packaging lamination and adhesives innovation with modern testing equipment including an industrial-scale Duplex SLTM OneShot laminator from Nordmeccanica. The center is also hosting Pack Studios Lamination Academies.
8. Shanghai, China
Established in 2014, Pack Studios Shanghai is aimed at offering customers capabilities to accelerate the development of packaging innovations in China. The center offers a range of technical facilities as well as full packaging capabilities for polyethylene, adhesives, and functional polymers.
9. Singapore, Singapore
Established in 2017, Pack Studios Singapore reinforces our commitment to the region, and is strategically positioned to serve the packaging value chain in Southeast Asia.
10. Mumbai, India
One of our recent additions, Pack Studios Mumbai, addresses the needs of the local market. Combined with a rapidly growing population and economy, India is an ideal location to advance packaging technologies to meet emerging market needs.


Pack Studios Tarragona

Designed to accelerate sustainable packaging innovation, Pack Studios Tarragona is the result of several years of hard work and development. Equipped with a hand-picked range of lab and industrial scale blown and cast lines as well as modern testing technologies, the center will facilitate the production and testing of primary and secondary packaging in food and industrial use, health and medical applications as well as acrylic adhesives solutions for labels and more.


Film Innovation Center

Comprising of various testing labs and two major machine halls, the Film Innovation Center in Pack Studios Tarragona offers customers access to trial their materials on state-of-the-art blown and cast lines, ranging from 5 to 9-layer extrusion, enabling the production and testing of multiple different film structures, from industrial to mono-material food packaging and films for health and medical applications.

Take a look at the W&H 9 layer blown coextrusion line in action!
Load Stability Innovation Center

Unique to the EMEA region, this center has been created to accelerate the development of innovative, optimized industrial film solutions designed to increase safety as well as reduce waste and costs.

Featuring the latest machinery technologies, including a horizontal stability tester, an end-to-end wrapping line and a tilting table, the facilities will support the testing of industrial films to ensure maximum performance and compliance with latest legislation.

Take a look at the Robopac stretch film wrapping machine in action!
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