Silicone Recycling material with less waste, lower carbon footprint and emission reductions
Advancing silicone recycling for a circular future
Silicones in a Circular Economy

  • Silicones are durable: Silicones can be used over an extended period of time, while supporting high performance applications, and contributing to waste and maintenance reduction
  • Designed for recyclability: Our commitment to sustainability starts with the design. We are collaborating with customers to design products that simplify recycling
  • Silicone Recycling: Most silicones are recyclable by origin.

Dow is dedicated to advancing silicone recycling on a global scale

Dow is partnering with Circusil LLC to create its first silicone recycling plant in North America. This facility will recycle silicone waste from Dow's US operations as well as post-industrial waste streams from selected customers. Operations are targeted to begin in the fourth quarter of 2024.

Ultimately, it will allow Dow to produce silicone polymers derived from silicone waste and end-of life products originating from US operations.

 Recycled Silicone: Less Waste, Lower Carbon, and Energy Savings*

Want to recycle your silicone waste, reduce your carbon footprint, and lower emissions linked to waste treatment (Scope 1 or 3)?

Reach out to us and discuss how we can collaborate to power your circularity journey!

* By producing more recycled siloxane, we reduce the higher energy needed for the equivalent amount of virgin siloxane
Ready to Recycle and Reduce? Talk to our specialist!

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