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Aligned to Dow's ambition, Global Citizenship supports an innovative, sustainable and inclusive future where our communities can thrive, everyone has equitable access to STEM & skilled trades careers, and our employees are empowered to accelerate change.

Rooted in our guiding principle of inclusion, diversity and equity, our three pillars—Thriving Communities, STEM & Skilled Trades and Sustainability — allow us to sharpen our focus on grants & investments, employee engagement & volunteerism, and partnerships & collaborations.

Are you interested in learning if you are eligible for Dow charitable grant funding? Please fill out the required fields to ensure we can direct your inquiry to the best Team Dow member.
To be eligible for a charitable contribution, all the below criteria must be met:

  • The contribution must be to a qualified organization.
  • The contribution must be for a charitable purpose.
  • The contribution must include a tax-deductible portion (if applicable within country).
  • The contribution must align to one of Dow’s charitable contributions commitment areas (Thriving Communities, STEM & Skilled Trades and Sustainability).
  • The organization must agree to Dow’s Nondiscrimination Policy.
Non-Discrimination Policy

By accepting funding from Dow, the Dow Company Foundation, or any affiliates, all grant recipients agree that no person will be excluded from agency services, employment or volunteer participation on the basis of gender, race, religion, HIV/AIDS status, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, age, national or ethnic origin or other inherent personal characteristic protected by law.

Organizations that serve a specifically defined population or charitable class of people as part of their mission are not considered non-inclusive or discriminatory. The above statement applies to how the organization serves its target population and how it handles hiring and volunteer participation. The application of religious requirements regarding hiring religious officials may not exclude an organization from qualifying as a grant recipient, provided the subject organization demonstrates that it otherwise complies with this Policy.
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-Thriving Communities: Addressing community-identified needs and supporting disaster resiliency response while advancing equitable opportunities in the communities in which Dow operates.
-STEM & Skilled Trades: Building and diversifying STEM & skilled trade education pipelines and connecting students with innovation-based jobs, emphasizing underrepresented populations and youth.
-Sustainability: Promoting circularity, decarbonization, water stewardship and healthy ecosystems with a focus on communities that experience disproportionate environmental risks and burdens.

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