The world’s toughest challenges inspire us. That’s why we’re so passionate about using materials science to create innovative solutions to advance a more sustainable future. Dow’s over 40 years of experience and expertise in the building and construction industry is fueled by imagination, curiosity and a drive to create safe and sustainable materials for the future.  

How do we work with our customers, the value chain and other stakeholders to contribute to a low-carbon economy?   

We’re using our technology and collaborative partnerships to reduce customer's carbon emissions in their production processes and end products and avoid carbon emissions of our own production through renewable electricity sourcing, continuous process improvements and raw material assessments.

Learn how we’re staying ahead of the curve for our drymix customers and facilitating a more sustainably built environment.
What does circularity mean for our industry?

Circularity is an integral part of sustainability and our efforts alike. We believe a carbon neutral world cannot be achieved without circularity. In the construction industry, circularity can and should be implemented throughout all building and construction stages. What is it we do exactly? We are driving the use of renewable and bio-based materials, taking actions to enable waste in customer applications and keeping materials in use longer.  

How do we enable every material we bring to market to be safer for people and the planet?   

We take our responsibility as construction chemicals supplier very seriously. We are making progress toward this vision by innovating sustainable materials of tomorrow, leading candid conversations about product safety, and committing to the advancement of open and transparent chemistry with our value chain partners, customers, and the public.  

How can our shared commitment to sustainability transform our industry? Let’s imagine together at ECS. 
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