Our comprehensive portfolio of construction chemicals offers a whole range of opportunities to create the next generation of building materials.

We can’t wait to talk to you about our latest innovations, how they can help improve your products’ performance, and how we can collaborate to create more sustainable buildings.

We offer longstanding industry experience, and – thanks to our R&D Centers – our in-depth expertise covers a toolbox of four technologies: cellulose ethers, redispersible latex powders, acrylic emulsions and silicones.
Our products in these areas include:

Acrylic polyurethane dispersion for liquid applied roof waterproofing membranes. Designed to protect, renovate and extend the lifetime of aged and new flat roofs. When properly formulated and applied, liquid applied roofing membranes based on PRIMAL™ EC-5210 PU can offer cost efficiency, durability, and sustainability. The formulation based on Primal EC-5210 PU also meets the EAD required for roof waterproofing standards. Learn more

Integral water repellent for cement-based materials including fiber cement boards and concrete mix. DOWSIL™ IE 6686 reduces water uptake and water-induced phenomena, it is effective at low dosage in fiber cement boards, it has low impact on mechanical properties and foaming processes. It is easy to mix during the process – leading to improved silicone resin dispersion and it can be used in processes with a filtration step (fiber cement boards) or with a foaming step (foamed concrete). Learn more

New silicone acrylic hybrid solution for fiber cement boards to enhance a façade’s longevity and aesthetics. DOWSIL™ IE 6710 Silicone Acrylic Hybrid emulsion is a post treated coating for fiber cement boards or concrete protection. It combines the best features of both chemistries, including UV protection, lower efflorescence, and a longer lifetime and offering new natural look to cement based surface with enhanced durability. Learn more

DLP 2300
Dow™ Latex Powder 2300 is a flexible binder for modifying adhesion mortar and render systems, based on cement in exterior thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS). It is a very flexible polymer which allows very good workability, and enhances tensile adhesion strength to insulation material with good impact strength. Learn more

Cost efficient formulation for tape joint compound application, Tape-X™ is a a vinyl acrylic latex for smooth finishing. It is a component for gypsum based ready to use (RTU) paste and offers the advantage of reducing the dosage by up to 20% while having excellent workability and good tape bond strength. Learn more

Walocel™ M 10-35 is a new hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC) for high quality cement based tile adhesives. Developed to provide outstanding open time and adhesion especially after water immersion along with excellent slip resistance to tile adhesive classes from C2 to CTES1 according to EN 12004. Contact Us
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