ECS Conference

The ECS conference selects the very best of what’s new and innovative in the construction & coatings industry. Over two days and a half from on March 26th to 28th, international experts from across the world will gather in Nuremberg to present and debate recent developments. Our expert Dr. Jouko Vyörykkä, Senior R&D Leader at Dow's Construction Chemicals business in Bomlitz, Germany will be part of and present: 

The Exterior durability of liquid applied roof waterproofing membranes 
Tuesday, March 28th, 2023 
4:00 – 4:30 p.m. (CET) 
Room: Kopenhagen

In Europe, liquid applied waterproofing membranes have been dominated by 1k solvent- borne polyurethane chemistry. Recently a with PRIMAL™ EC-5210 PU, a water-borne acrylic polyurethane formulated polymer membrane achieved CE marking, having demonstrated mechanical performance and durability as governed by the associated European Assessment Document (EAD), or ETAG 005 standard. External laboratory tests demonstrated a 25-year expected working life, but this assessment didn’t include exterior exposures or real roof demonstrations – which are no longer required. Exterior exposures provide valuable information on long-term durability and sustainability, especially for cool roofing membranes 

In his lecture, Dr. Jouko Vyörykkä will share the exterior durability and long-term solar reflectance data of a formulated liquid applied roof membrane based on PRIMAL™ EC-5210 PU, a water-borne acrylic polyurethane emulsion and compare it to best-in-class chemistries available to the market. This presentation will look at the correlation between robustness as tested in the laboratory and in the field.

We’d be delighted to see you in person at the ECS conference, but if you’d like to attend virtually you can buy a ticket for the livestream here

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Idmmc9 Drymix Conference 

The 9th International Drymix Mortar Conference and Industry Showcase idmmc 9, takes place in Nuremberg, Germany, on 27th March at the Kleine Meistersingerhalle. Featuring lectures from international experts on drymix mortars, the conference attracts a highly diverse audience.  

Our expert, Dr. Jörg Neubauer, R&D Scientist at Dow's Construction Chemicals business in Bomlitz, Germany will deliver a scientific lecture: 

The Water Retention of Linear and Chain-coupled Hydroxyalkyl Methylcellulose in Cement Mortars

Water retention is a critical element for successfully employing factory-made drymix mortars like cement tile adhesives or renders, because – unlike in traditional site-mixes – these mortars are thinly applied. It’s therefore only with the addition of WALOCEL™ cellulose ether as a performance additive that an unwanted loss of water, due to absorbing substrates or evaporation, is effectively prevented.  

In his lecture, Dr. Jörg Neubauer will share recent research on the significant water retention increase in mortars, even at low dosages of cellulose ether. His presentation will combine a critical analysis of cellulose ether solution structures, relevant chemical interactions and application test results, to provide insight into the structure-property relationship of cement mortars.  

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