Where and how will we live in the future? How different are the construction needs of Southern Europe to those of Northern Europe or the Middle East? How can the construction industry tackle the growing pressure on the built environment from urbanization, population growth, climate change and resource scarcity, and pave the way to a more sustainable future?  

The solution is to innovate throughout the value chain. And for us, this begins with collaboration: we aim to work alongside you, our customers, to help improve your sustainability, performance and productivity. We offer a toolbox of four technologies – cellulosics, redipersible powders, acrylics and silicones – to help you create the formulation you need.  
Dow’s Construction Chemicals business brings together our combined expertise and R&D excellence, based on 40-years of industry experience. Supported by global research, technical service and manufacturing facilities, we offer construction manufacturers around the world both in-depth application knowhow and effective formulation support. 

Our two R&D locations in Europe (Seneffe, Belgium and Bomlitz, Germany) as well as our two locations in MEAI (Mumbai, India and Kaust, Saudi Arabia) are covering expertise of all of our four technologies. They are benefitting from a global R&D network we have in our business supplemented by Dow’s broad and in-depth material science expertise. Because we’re based in your region, we’re aware of your local needs and challenges and ready to support you.   

Want to talk to an expert to find out more? Visit our booth at ECS 2023, so we can discuss how to jointly innovate and imagine building better.  
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