Webinar Series | NORDEL™ EPDM: Transforming rubber to meet future needs

Episode 1: Improving Manufacturing Efficiency with NORDEL™ EPDM

Join us for this LIVE webinar at 2:00 p.m. EST on March 5, 2020.

The world keeps changing. Is your EPDM still up to the challenge?
EPDM is a proven, highly respected material solution. Applications from automotive weatherstripping, belts and hoses to construction, industrial and HVAC have relied on it for years. Sometimes decades. But can yesterday’s EPDM possibly keep up with today’s – or tomorrow’s – challenges?

NORDEL™ EPDM continues to evolve and grow.
Taking on issues like sustainability, unmet performance needs, increased productivity and reduced waste. We’ve developed a series of four webinars to help show you how.

In our first webinar, you’ll learn how NORDEL™ EPDM can help improve the efficiency of your manufacturing operations through:

Intan Hamdan scientist at Dow's profile picture

Presented by: Intan Hamdan

About the presenter

Intan Hamdan is a research scientist for Dow’s Packaging & Specialty Plastics technical service & development organization. In her role, she has been active in the development of roofing infrastructure solutions, which are powered by the next generation of elastomer and high-pressure copolymer technologies. Intan began her career at Dow in Core R&D where she developed and deployed decision support systems, which integrated data analysis, modeling and risk in a coherent manner to generate the required data for effective decision-making. Intan is a Boilermaker, graduating with a Ph.D. and a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University.

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Episode 2: "Improving extruded profiles with high Mooney viscosity and oil-extended NORDEL™ EPDM" by Lena Nguyen

Episode 3: "Advancing TPV and extrusion applications with oil-extended NORDEL™ EPDM" by Sharon Wu

Episode 4: "Enabling high heat resistant applications with NORDEL™ EPDM" by Greg Li