We make coatings work. Better!

Committed to advancing coatings technology with targeted innovation designed to shape environmentally-responsible solutions, our water-based acrylic emulsion technology revolutionized the industry. Our latest developments include solutions designed to improve the long term sustainability of value chains and help drive market growth, with technology designed to:

  • meet demands of the future with innovative MIT label-free solutions
  • deliver new silicone technology for snail-trail free exterior paints
  • support formulation flexibility with all-weather HEUR rheology modifiers for varied temperatures
  • improve paint functionality – inside and out – with the FORMASHIELD™ Technology and DIRTSHIELD™ portfolio
  • advance environmental responsibility through improved raw material efficiency, with EVOQUE™ Pigment Encapsulation Technology
  • pave the way for more sustainable road marking with new binders being added to the FASTRACK™ Technology suite
  • drive environmental and efficiency improvements in Liquid Applied Sound Dampening
  • …and more!

ECS is also chance to hear about:

  • advancing silicone performance to the next level, with acrylic additives offering tailored end user value and helping make coatings that are better than ever!
  • transforming performance in high temperature coatings, meeting demand for water-based silicone technology without compromising on performance criteria
  • water-based adhesives for the packaging and specialty tapes industry, extended offering for labeling applications, customized solutions for protective films
  • leading technologies for graphic films applications, specific proposals for textiles and nonwovens including ultra-low formaldehyde binder technology, wide range of ROBOND™ and PRIMAL™ grades
  • Using our CHEMCOMP software to determine formulation components that help address specific needs and reduce time to develop, optimize or reformulate a coating
  • Enable low VOC paints and enhanced wetting and foam control across coatings applications with the DOWANOL™ portfolio