Building the Future with Dow’s Construction Chemicals

Dow’s comprehensive construction chemicals portfolio offers many opportunities for formulating the next generation of building materials, supported by intimate knowledge not only of the chemistries behind – cellulose ethers, redispersible latex powders, acrylic emulsions and silicones – but also of their interaction and best combinations.

Latest developments to explore at Dow’s stand include:

  • A new generation of cellulose ethers designed for cement based tile adhesives helping to adjust application characteristics for a broad range of raw materials for C2 products as well as to improve fine-tuning of water demand and mortar rheology for C1 adhesives
  • The introduction of innovative TAPE-X™ Vinyl Acrylic Dispersion – designed for formulating cost-effective tape joint compounds and smoothing mortars with a balanced set of characteristics
  • PRIMAL™ EC-5210 PU Acrylic Dispersion, a binder that helps to manufacture a liquid applied roof waterproofing membrane with ETAG confirmed long-lasting performance and an improved environmental, health and sustainability profile
  • Newly designed PRIMAL™ AS-8012 R Acrylic Dispersion tailored for 2K cementitious waterproofing, helping to formulate membranes which are potable water compliant
  • PRIMAL™ 3317 EF Acrylic Dispersion quick-set technology tailored to increase the application window for ETICS with high early wash-out resistance and colour stability
  • MAINCOAT™ PR 225 EF Acrylic Dispersion designed to create environmental advance for metal roof tile products and offering very high wet and dry adhesion as well as scrap resistance
  • Acrylic emulsion and silicone based technology for coatings, sealers and water repellents, specifically designed to increase the durability of fibre cement products

At the associated European Coatings Congress and Drymix Mortar Conference, Dow experts will share presentations on the interaction of cellulose ether and silicones in drymix applications, and using silicone water repellents alongside acrylic dispersions for the protection of construction materials.