After nearly 30 years, the Paint Quality Institute has decided to hang up its paintbrush.

Formed in 1989 to educate paint consumers and contractors on the value of using high-quality, 100 percent acrylic paints, over the years PQI became a trusted resource as an expert on cutting-edge trends, decorative techniques and innovative technology.

We are proud to have played a key role in the broad adoption of 100 percent acrylic paints. We are proud of our DIY weekend warriors who picked up a brush and roller and proved that painting can indeed be easy and fun. And because we know that painting isn’t for everybody, we were happy to support you – and our professional painter community – in getting you the finished product you deserved from a professional you could trust.

Over these nearly 30 years the media landscape has changed dramatically. Consumers today have a wealth of information and inspiration from which to choose, accessible from anywhere at any time. We were thrilled to include our voice in the mix over these many years.

We are putting down our brush, but hope you will continue to hold yours high. Be well, have fun and keep painting!

Paint Quality Institute

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